Ant Pest Control Dexter MI

Pests are ugly scary little animals that can be outright dangerous or at least bugging. The problem with bugs is that they are easy to miss when they are just beginning to take over your house. Ants are small enough to hide in cracks and tiny holes all over the home. How do you handle an ant infestation?

Signs to you need ant pest control in Dexter MI

Wood damage

Ants are known to create complicated routes on and inside wooden materials. You can easily spot entry points of ants because the wood will be freshly chewed and have a small deposition of sawdust. The sawdust may sometimes contain remains if dead ants. Typically, moist wood is a perfect devouring ground for ants.

Tracks and nests

Your home is a perfect nest for pests that need a hibernation ground. Many will find convenient places to erect small hills of living. You can track the movement of ants that have had an extended stay by following lines of residue left from their constant flow.

Constant bites

One ant bite does not sound the alarm that you may need ant pest control in Dexter MI. A frequent complaint that prompts instant pest control services is constant itching due to bites. You may also note that the bites increase when you are at a specific room or area in the house. This case is an indicator that you have a short period to call Community Pest Solutions for swift eradication services.

Visible evidence

Ants cannot stay away from exposed food. Ants sniff out food and form a trail to crawl and store all the food, in preparation for an adverse approaching season. They will eat the leftover food you left on the kitchen counter or the pet food on the floor. Their nature devouring anything will also attract them to food that fell on the floor.

How does Community Pest Solutions solve your ant problem?

Our pest control schemes do not attack a clan of ants without a strategy. We employ proven scientific formulas to eradicate the infestation permanently. As strange as it sounds, it is impossible to keep the ants at bay when you hold off the urge to spray any visible ant in the home.

Understanding the ant colony

The only method of eliminating an ant problem is by approaching the invisible ones first. An ant colony has a queen on hiding, taking care of the worker ants that will take over the visible generation of ants. She lays the nest and never leaves the nest. The only way of eradicating the entire ant colony is to study the trails and locate the nest.

Watch the trails

We quickly assess the entry points of both pavement and carpenter ants to discover their final location. The path followed by one single ant will soon have an influx of them because they will follow a scented chemical trail of food droppings. Our pest control team will deploy ant bait on all critical points so that the ants carry the chemical to the queen ant. Your home will be free of all ants in a short period when you invest in quality control schemes.


Ant Pest Control Dexter MI