Commercial Pest Control Dexter MI

At Community Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive pest prevention and control services for both residential and commercial properties. With our commercial pest control in Dexter, MI, we make sure that your facility is free from pests like rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, etc. Call us for prices.

What will keep ants away?

Ants are a great nuisance, and a colony of ants can cause structural damages in your home. Here are some tips to keep your house clean from ants:

  1. Chalk - Use Ant-killing chalks to keep ants away. Try sprinkling some chalk powder in the infested areas and at the entry points for ants.
  2. Salt - Place small pinches of salt in the nooks and crannies in your rooms where you see entry points for ants. Spray salt water wherever you see a bunch of ants to kill these pesky little pests.
  3. White Vinegar - Add to spray bottle equal quantities of water and white vinegar and spray the solution at the ant entry points. Repeat spraying until you don't see any more ants.

However, the success rates of these methods working are meager. For effective and quick results, we recommend hiring professional pest control services. We offer both residential, as well as commercial pest control in Dexter, MI.

Ways to keep pests away from your home

The fewer the spots that encourage the breeding and harboring in your garden and lawn spaces; the fewer the pests. Repair all cracks and breaks in your doors and windows to avoid pests wiggling through these spaces into your home. Check and fix structural issues like foundation cracks, missing roof shingles, and loose siding in your home structure. This way, you will avoid pests using these areas as entry points into your home.

Make sure to clean your yards, decks, patios, and garages from time to time. Make sure to clear the trash cans regularly to avoid pests from using it as a breeding ground. These steps can prevent worsening of the pest infestation situation. However, to eliminate pest infestation in your home, call us today.

What are the signs of pest infestations?

Early intervention is the key to effectively eliminating pests. First and foremost sign of a pest infestation is the pest fecal droppings and urine trails in and around your home. Watch out for droppings in bedding, floors, and furniture. Look for pest nests in and around your property. Shredded paper, leaves, and grass clippings are some of the signs of pests trying to build a nest.

If you spot signs of grease marks and grease tracks, it can signify a rodent infestation. Watch out for structural damages like holes, gnaw marks on furniture and wiring, damaged wood, etc. as all these can signify pest infestation. For other concerning signs of pest infestation, get in touch our team today.

Do not worry about pest control at your home or offices anymore. Call Community Pest Solutions today to get rid of these pesky little creatures from your workspaces. We are the #1 service providers for commercial pest control in Dexter, MI.

Commercial Pest Control Dexter MI