Commercial Pest Control

We specialize in servicing businesses that demand the best commercial pest control service our industry has to offer.

We understand that a pest free facility is an absolute must. Community Pest Solutions works with businesses to develop service plans that will correct ongoing issues and prevent future pest infestations. Through careful inspection, planning and communication we will develop a service plan that meets your businesses needs now and into the future.

Annual Service
Community Pest Solutions offers annual maintenance for businesses that require the highest level of pest control available. Our annual service plan is fully customizable. Rather than offering a single, rigid service program that includes unnecessary services and coverages, we will work with you to determine exactly what service program is appropriate for your businesses unique situation. We know that differences in construction type, building size, age and location create a variety of pest control needs. Initially we will help you address the root causes of your pest problems and eliminate the pests completely. After your initial problem is corrected we will reassess and determine what continued maintenance may be necessary prevent future infestations.
Single Service
Community Pest Solutions also provides services for some individual pest problems. Businesses in the Ann Arbor area often experience a sudden invasion of a single pest or a single pest that shows up at the same time every year. We will work with you to determine the cause and appropriate treatment to be sure your business remains pest free. Our single Carpenter Ant treatments and our single Yellow Jacket treatments are guaranteed for the full calendar year, the best guarantee in the industry.
Preventive Service
Seasonal pests such as Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, Boxelder Bugs, Asian Ladybird Beetles, Cluster Flies and some wasps exhibit a behavior we call “overwintering”. In late summer and early fall they collect in large numbers on buildings and crawl into cracks and crevices with the intent to hide there until spring. Warmer temperatures inside your home or business will draw them in causing activity throughout the winter and spring. By providing a thorough preventive treatment in late summer or early fall we can prevent this entirely. Some insects such as Carpenter Bees and Paper wasps show up reliably every spring and summer. These pests can also be prevented with an appropriately timed treatments.