Mouse & Rat Control

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Mice and rats are an extremely common problem in the Ann Arbor area!

Researchers have found that 82+% of homes in the US currently have or have had a mouse infestation. While trapping and baiting are important parts of a rodent control program, exclusion, or keeping them out, is where the real work begins. Community Pest Solutions will work hard to locate the rodent entry points around your structure and permanently seal the rodents out. Our state certified wildlife specialists  are trained in the most effective rodent control techniques including thorough inspections, trapping, baiting and exclusion!

Community Pest Solutions offers:

  • Mouse control
  • Rat control
  • Mouse management programs
  • Rat management programs
  • Residential and commercial rodent control
  • Mouse exclusion/entry point sealing
  • Rat exclusion/entry point sealing

Signs you may have a mouse or rat problem:

  • Noise in attics or walls
  • Droppings in kitchen, basement or attic
  • Chewing on food packaging
  • Strong, musky urine odor

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