Pest Control Companies Dexter Michigan

A little measure of prevention is worth more than tons of cure. It is saying is entirely accurate in terms of pest control as well. Pest such as spiders, flies, cockroach, rats, and other creeping insects can pose a real threat to the home.

Beyond creeping on us, they are known to be carriers of different diseases. Controlling pest on your own might cost you a whole lot of money and also consume more of your time. Hiring from one of the professional pest control companies in Dexter Michigan remains the best option to get rid of these troublesome creatures.   


You must feel too relaxed after hiring a professional for pest control service around your home and environs. Your little support is also required for effective eradication of to get pests out and also keep them off. Though most pest control companies give a list of preparations to be made before the experts' arrival, but listed below are the general essential things to do even before they are said;

Put Pets Away

Homeowners with pets such as dog should keep them away before the exterminator's arrival. While dealing with the pest problem inside the home, pets should be kept outside as treatment is being applied inside. Also, do the same by keeping pets inside a bedroom or bathroom as exterminators set traps or sprays the outside of your home. Also, do well by asking your pest control provider about treatments safe for pets should in case your animals ingest the spray.

Clean Up

Cleaning your home goes a long way as it aids the easy application of pest control treatment by the exterminator. Moving trash, dirty laundry, boxes, and dishes, and debris can disturb and delay the process, also making it strenuous for the exterminator to treat the problem effectively. Keep proper cleanliness of your home and environment will make it unattractive to pest, and it will also prevent future infestations.

Move Necessary Furniture

You don't necessarily need to move all your home furniture, but you can assist your pest control provider by moving end tables, chairs, couches, and mattresses away from walls. It will be of great help to the exterminator as they can easily apply treatment to hard-to-reach areas that harbor pests.


For a home with a severe infestation of ants, a one-time treatment would never fix the problem forever. It's a fact that ant never lasts forever, but then they need an effective treatment to keep them off from returning. Precisely, a persistent monthly treatment for about 4-6 month is recommended based on the scope of the treatment. Existing ants in your home will get exterminated during these visits. Also, they will search for and locate their source (anthills) where they come from and demolish it to prevent a future attack. Quarterly visit in then recommended at this point when the infestation is kept under control to revitalize the treatment.

If pests disturb your home or business, want to make more inquiries about keeping pest away, or pest control treatment options, always reach out to our group of experts at Community Pest Control in Dexter Michigan and speak with a member of our team today.


Pest Control Companies Dexter Michigan