Pest Control Services Dexter MI

Some animals constitute a danger to health or can cause discomfort. When these animals reproduce and spread on the property, they may become an issue. These colonies multiply rapidly, making it difficult to eliminate them.

In such cases, the wisest thing is to have received pest control services. These are specialized professional teams that are in charge of the containment and elimination of these infestations such as cockroaches, termites, rodents, insects and ants, among others. 

How Do Pest Control Services Work?

The specialized teams have ample knowledge of each of the species that can represent a threat. They know the methods and have the products and equipment necessary for the correct elimination of pests. Depending on the pest, a specific method is used. These are some of them:

  • For cockroaches, bed bugs and similar, they use chemicals in the form of gel or powder, which are spread over the affected area. These, although lethal to insects, are of low toxicity to humans and do not pose a threat.
  • In the case of flying insects, they apply gases with special spray equipment and precision nozzles. If you would like more advice about the best pest control services in Dexter MI contact us; at Community Pest Solutions, we will be happy to help you.
  • For rats and rodents, the behaviour of the rodent is observed to establish a method of elimination — for example, bait holders, which are receptacles that contain poison. The rodents enter and consume the product, dying in a few minutes.
  • In the case of termites, removal is done by impregnating the wood or material that is infected by the pest.

What Threats Can You Avoid With Proper Pest Control?

By having the services of an extraordinary pest control service, you will protect people by eliminating the following threats:

  • Flies spread bacteria and germs on food, which can cause discomfort if that food is eaten. Besides, they can infect wounds causing serious skin infections.
  • Insects contaminate food, furniture, equipment, and textiles. The feces from these agents are harmful to people and pets.
  • Rodents transmit diseases including rabies, salmonellosis, meningitis, and tuberculosis. Also, they often bite the wires and can damage equipment or cause short circuits.
  • Termites destroy furniture, doors, and any wooden objects to the point of rendering them unusable. In the case of houses, the damage can be as severe as the total disabling of the home.
  • The bedbug causes discomfort such as itching and irritation. It is a very difficult pest to eradicate by inexperienced hands.

Do You Have Pest Problems?

If you want a punctual eradication or a preventive maintenance plan in your home or business with the best pest control services in Dexter MI, you are in the right place. Community Pest Solutions is the top pest control company in the area, specializing in the management and elimination of all pests that threaten your welfare. Contact us and request your free pest assessment; we will be happy to help you.

Pest Control Services Dexter MI