Pest Control Solutions Ann Arbor MI

Certain types of pests are difficult or dangerous to handle on your own (such as rats and wasps). At Community Pest Solutions, we offer pest control solutions in Ann Arbor, Mi.

How to find suitable pest controllers in your area

Recommendations from acquaintances and family are a great place to start for reliable pest control companies. You could also search online and look for customer testimonials. A good pest exterminator should be able to provide references or past clients that were happy with their services.

It’s good to research the best pest control companies in your area, as they will have a vast knowledge of the local climate and pests. Also, if you have an emergency pest problem, a company nearby can easily access you. Ask companies about the type of pests they deal with and what type of chemicals they use for extermination.

You should be cautious of companies that are not forthcoming about the type of chemicals they use. Some pesticides are dangerous to human health and hence illegal to use. All pesticides require registration with the State Department of Agriculture and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). However, government agencies such as these don’t register pest control companies themselves, so beware of companies that claim endorsements.

What are some of the most dangerous pests in households?

This largely depends on where you live and the season, as some pests are prevalent in certain states more than others. If you want to check out common pests that infest Michigan households, check the pest database on our website. We offer pest control solutions in Ann Arbor, Mi to deal with some of the worst pest infestations.

Some of the most dangerous pests include certain species of wasps, like the Asian Giant Hornet, which can cause allergic reactions to some people. Rats and cockroaches are dangerous because they feast on unhygienic material such as garbage and feces, and hence spread dangerous diseases.

Spiders are mostly harmless, but certain species like the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are famous for their deadly bites. Mosquitos can also be dangerous as they can easily spread dangerous pathogens. These could potentially include malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and yellow fever.

What pest control services do you offer?

We offer both one-off services and continuous pest extermination plans, which we can customize for you. Our one-off services are available for pests like Carpenter ants and Yellow Jackets, and these are sufficient to last a whole year. These one-time plans are great for clients who experience sudden, uncontrollable pest infestations and need urgent assistance.

We also offer annual and preventative service plans for specific pests. The warmer temperatures inside your home attract certain types of bugs and wasps during the fall, and our preventative plans tackle these pests.

Community Pest Solutions offer pest control solutions in Ann Arbor, Mi, for both commercial and residential clients. We work with all clients and offer individualized treatment for each property.

Pest Control Solutions Ann Arbor MI