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Patricia S
13:47 15 Sep 21
This team is the best - they are professional, considerate and have the answers to any pest / rodent problem I have!
Marie T.
20:41 12 Sep 21
Chris was wonderful. He was professional and personable. In a very calm and reassuring manner he took care a wasp problem in an attic crawl space.We are very satisfied with this service and will not hesitate to recommend your company.
Dennis O.
22:28 03 Sep 21
Really did a great job , Eric was fantastic, he went above and beyond what I needed done the communication was exceptional.
Anne P.
20:18 31 Aug 21
On time. Professional. Fair price.
Lisa O.
15:52 24 Aug 21
This is our third year and they do a wonderful job EVERY year!!!
mary beth P.
15:11 24 Aug 21
I would highly recommend this company. Efficient, personable and professional. Happy to have found them!
Rob H.
20:27 19 Aug 21
We have had the annual service for a few years now and it is fantastic.
Melissa M.
12:41 18 Aug 21
These folks are always responsive and fast! I've been so impressed with the service and grateful that they are available to address any pest issues that come up.
colleen G.
14:41 09 Aug 21
Great company to work with. Very professional and friendly. Apart from how nice they are they get the job done!!! We had Carpenter ants 3 years ago and have not had a problem sense. They are back out now for slab ants I have no doubt in my mind they will eradicate the problem. Thank you!
Jennifer F.
20:52 06 Aug 21
I contacted Community Pest Solutions due to a yellow jacket nest in my wall. The woman who answered the phone was very reassuring and pleasant! She scheduled my appointment and Chris came out an took care of the problem. He too was professional, knowledgeable and even scheduled a time to come back out to seal up the entry. 5 ⭐️ company for sure! Thank you!
Tina R.
17:50 06 Aug 21
Came out quickly to take care of our wasp problem. Very professional and courteous as well.
Roxanne E.
12:34 05 Aug 21
Contacted them through Nextdoor, and they got back with me in less than 30 minutes. The office staff was very courteous and scheduled an appointment for 2 days later. They notified me by text 15 minutes before arriving, and they were in and out in no time flat! They even sent a follow-up message letting me know what they had found as I wasn't home at the time (just my husband). At present, all the hornets seem to be gone, but if they return I will be calling Community Pest Control again. Thanks Eric!
Kathleen C.
16:22 31 Jul 21
Jeremy was wonderful, he found the critters and has a plan to get rid of them. I appreciate that he has kept us informed with pictures!Mom asked me to add that Jeremy has been so helpful coming back to answer questions and look for places to prevent animals from getting in this fall (2021). His proactive approch is very welcome.
Leslie A.
11:54 31 Jul 21
Wonderful professional service. Pleasant staff. And it works! No more ants. I bought the yearly service plan.
Bob T.
17:38 22 Jul 21
Friendly, competent, personalized service!
Janet C.
16:02 22 Jul 21
Eric was efficient and professional, and I was impressed with how thoroughly he explained the removal and treatment process. Strongly recommend!
Patrick K.
03:42 20 Jul 21
Family of raccoons were taken care of.
Barb K.
17:59 15 Jul 21
This is the best run service company of any kind that I use! They know their business, and they are genuinely kind and helpful. Love them!!
Karen M.
17:18 14 Jul 21
Eric was very nice, sent a text letting me know he was on his way. Very professional, wore booties inside our home. Eric was knowledgeable about our issues and gave us advice on addressing them. We purchased a year service for interior and exterior. First application was done today but we are confident our issues will be solved. Thanks Eric
Debborah B.
18:45 08 Jul 21
Knowledgeable and easy to work with!
Elizabeth B.
01:21 07 Jul 21
They were fast, professional and they took care of my problem. What else could you ask for?
Jaye P.
21:59 06 Jul 21
On time, high quality communication.
Martin H.
19:13 24 Jun 21
Our technician, Chris, was very knowledgeable, professional, and patient. He offered me the Safety Data Sheet on the pesticide the company uses for ants, walked me through it, and showed me the equipment and protective gear he would use.I should note that they don't really offer ala carte service (at least for ants), which meant we ended up spending a bit more than we hoped, but I expect this is to ensure that any service they do is effective and so they keep their good reputation. I would definitely recommend them!
Michigan I.
18:42 23 Jun 21
Called and someone came out same day to remove a large hornets nest on side of building super nice technician.
Myha W.
00:27 22 Jun 21
I have been using these guys services for over 3 years now. Initially had an issue with carpenter ants and box elder bugs at my old house. Purchased their year round treatment plan and it is so worth it. Highly recommend!
Rebecca C.
15:20 17 Jun 21
I have had a consistently great experience with Joe coming to pest proof my house. I live close to woodland preserve and trust me there are many pests that need to be "persuaded" to not attempt to live in my house, all seasons of the year. Joe is professional, thorough, and friendly. And importantly he is good with corralling snakes and mice! Update: I had a small baby snake in my house last week, and without my directly requesting it (I just sent them a photo of the snake!) they came out and did exclusion work on the building to help prevent it from happening again.
Joe A.
21:23 15 Jun 21
Very effective at trapping and removing squirrels without needing to get into the attic. Regular correspondence regarding their approach to solving the problem. Notification prior to arrival and on-time arrival. Very pleased with their work and would recommend them.
Soph D.
09:55 20 Apr 21
There was a problem with mice in my Old West Side home. They were able to determine their entry points and take care of the problem. Since then I've not...
Queena Q.
05:50 27 Mar 21
Chris did a wonderful job to find the holes for the mice to come in and nicely answered all my questions. Highly recommend!
Art S.
15:42 25 Sep 20
Another great service provided today by Jeremy and his trainee. With the fall treatment we are now set for the season
Rebecca C.
05:59 22 Aug 20
I have had a consistently great experience with Joe coming to pest proof my house for the last year. I live close to a large woodland preserve, and trust...
Jarrett B.
09:50 26 Nov 19
Call them. Take it from someone who recently discovered that bird mites exist, and that when the nest they've infested no longer contains any birds, those...
Angela S.
15:06 16 Oct 19
Wonderful service and prompt! I’m very happy with the specialists and targeted treatment on my home. A feel good company to work with!
Steven K.
15:07 18 Sep 19
Called them because my shut-in neighbor noticed large holes with piles of dirt against he front of his house. They came out the next day, set traps,...
Justin D.
22:21 10 Jul 19
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Just bought a house near the woods, and quickly learned that it was also a popular spot for wasps of multiple breeds. Called up Community Pest Solutions to spray apparent liquid magic on the exterior of my house, and not only have the nests gone silent, but now the wasps straight up avoid the house altogether, where before they were casing the joint for new nesting spots everywhere. WELL WORTH THE MONEY. I'll be having the house sprayed preventatively every spring going forward.
John Bileebob W.
12:19 24 May 19
Jeremy was professional, fast, and efficient. I really appreciated the follow up days after. barn sure is quiet after the squirrels were evicted.
Kim F.
05:15 05 May 19
Joe (and the whole team) have been nothing but extraordinary. This is the 3 or 4th year we have had them come out for wasp control and we don’t know what we would do without them! Even though we moved this year and had other companies closer to us who could of done the job...we still contacted Community pest solutions. The outstanding job and trust that they instill is what makes them irreplaceable!
Mark M.
17:17 21 Mar 19
we use community pest solutions at our senior living community. we can't say enough on the great work they do. always professional and detailed. they know their business for sure
Andrew K.
15:52 13 Dec 18
Great company with great professional service. They’ve done work for me and many professional referrals.
Patrick W.
12:32 27 Nov 18
Community Pest was able to schedule us quickly, and provided a free inspection. (Luckily all that was needed!)They were fast, professional, and gave great...
Blaise B.
20:10 01 Oct 18
Called them to come out because my boyfriend's apartment building had gotten bedbugs and I was afraid they migrated over to my house.Good news- they...
Kim K.
17:28 11 Aug 18
Had a problem with yellow jackets. I say had because within a few hours of them coming out the nest is dead. Super friendly, super fast. Highly recommend. Thanks again!!
Claire S.
23:38 17 May 18
We can go outside again! Our house was overrun with wasps (which I thought were bees). Community Pest Solutions saved our Summer. So knowledgeable, thorough and honest. Really grateful for companies like this!
Emily Forrest S.
11:07 24 Apr 18
Super friendly and very quick to respond. Have uses them for about a year on a handful of occasions. I don't have one complaint.
Judy D.
15:35 17 Sep 17
When I found the problem nest, I contacted several companies online. CPS was one of only two who returned my call and the only one who could come soon to inspect the situation. Joe came out yesterday and sprayed the European yellow jacket nest that was attached to the house. He did a check all around the house for other problem areas and sprayed where needed. Joe is very knowledgeable and explained things to me. I was very satisfied with Community Pest Solutions and would certainly call them again.
20:53 20 Jul 17
Can not say enough about a company that responds fast, makes you a priority, and takes the time to give you options in an effort to not rip you off. So many companies take advantage of new home owners or inexperienced home owners. It's rare to find a company like Community Pet Solutions who goes out of the way to make you feel comfortable, while still providing a top tier service.
Sarah Smile R.
03:35 15 Jul 17
We have had a problem with ground wasps, and have been trying to get Terminix out for two days now.I called Community Pest Solutions at noon today, and he was here by five pm. He spent less than 45 minutes at my house, including going over the paperwork, AND actually spraying the wasps.He was extremely friendly, and understanding of my time constraints.I will definitely use this company for any future pest problems we might have, and I absolutely recommend them.
Aarika Brownrigg S.
01:23 21 Jun 17
Can't say enough good things about this company! Joe is wonderful, so knowledgeable, on time, polite, great to work with. He solved our carpenter bee problem with one treatment. Came back the following week to fix mice openings he found at no extra charge.
Margaret S.
13:15 05 Jun 17
Joe is very knowledgeable and pollinator friendly. We are beekeepers and wanted to get rid of the carpenter bees in the house but not hurt our honey bees or any native pollinators. He also helped us with chipmunks in the attic (really!) and a groundhog. Joe did a great job and we can highly recommend him.
Suzanne J.
15:59 18 Apr 17
I contacted five different pest/critter control companies in the last month trying to get someone to come out and take care of a squirrel problem I had in my house. Between receiving no return calls or that they didn't deal with squirrels I was running out of options. I called Joe and he returned my call that day and scheduled to come out the following week. He is very professional and knowledgeable about the service he provides. He was very thorough and checked in places I didn't think to look. He set up traps and blocked all the areas where the squirrels were getting in. One of the best things was the 60 day guarantee for the services provided. Just adds that peace of mind. I would highly recommend their services. Wish I would have called them first.
Michael G.
04:11 01 Mar 17
Dedicated, passionate, and family owned business' are hard to come by...And Everyone Reading this agrees!
Heather Mitchell L.
02:41 27 Feb 17
I had called Orkin to come out for fleas and they told me there was nothing they could do. I also tried to get rid of the fleas myself with no luck. So I called Joe at Community Pest Control. He came out and took care of it in one treatment. He also took care of my box elder bug problem that Orkin was "treating". He was on time, professional and reasonably priced. I would recommend Community Pest Control to anybody that has a pest problem.
Justin D.
00:33 26 Feb 17
I had a hell of a time getting rid of a nasty yellow jacket nest in the ground in my yard. Tried a few risky DIY solutions, and was lucky enough to not get swarmed in my failure.Called up Joe from Community Pest Solutions and by the next day, the yard was mine again, and I didn't have to sell my firstborn to get it done. Definitely recommend using them.