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Debborah B.
15:14 21 May 20
Knowledgeable and easy to work with!
Tammy K.
21:07 18 May 20
We are going on our 2nd year with Community Pest Solutions and they are fantastic. Jeremy has been our tech since the beginning - he is exceptional...always professional, on time and respectful of our house and the job he is doing. I would highly recommend them.
Becky M.
19:41 11 May 20
Really great evaluation and totally honest in that when no evidence of any animal activity was found they didn’t try to sell me on a service. Also, appreciate the use of footwear protection and mask and gloves in light of the Covid situation.
Caitlin J.
17:42 29 Apr 20
I first heard about Community Pest Solutions from a local Facebook group and decided to give them a call. Everyone I’ve had contact with was professional, courteous, and friendly. They are now my “go-to” pest control service- They’ve dealt with mice in my attic, a skunk under my deck, and just sprayed my basement and exterior for spiders. Scheduling is always easy, they text before to let me know they are on their way, and they are on time and efficient, and very conscientious in my home. The services are reasonably priced, especially since they are doing a job I have no skill or interest in doing myself! Thanks for making my home a more comfortable place!
Emily K.
14:51 29 Apr 20
Professional and very nice to work with. Jeremy took the time to cover two entries to the attic as proactive action to stop animals getting in. I really enjoyed working with him and his co-worker.
Heather B.
16:03 26 Apr 20
We currently have mice and were getting quotes from different exterminators. The inspections were back to back. The initial inspection was done by a big named company and I felt confident in what they were saying. That was until John came out from Community Pest Solutions. He inspected areas that were not looked at in the previous company’s inspection. John showed me how the previous owners of our home also had an issue with bats and how he could tell. Also never mentioned. The opposite was told to me by the other company. John even found a dead mouse in the same spot the previous inspector was. John did not know until later in the inspection that another company had been there right before him.I felt comfortable and confident that Community Pest Solutions is the right company for the job. They are a local business too. Which we like to support. If you have called larger named companies, please call Pest Control Solutions for a quote before you sign a contract. You will not be disappointed.
Bo W.
17:12 24 Apr 20
Very professional and very helpful in answering any and all questions. John came out within 48 hours and reviewed all details of the service they provide with me. He also took the time to listen to all of my concerns. The service they offered covers many things. I signed up for the annual service and am very anxious to see how it goes. I'm very pleased with Community Pest Solutions so far and would recommend them. I also, wanted to give kudos to Jennifer who was a great help in guiding me and answering all my questions.
Adam Z.
19:36 22 Apr 20
Punctual, friendly and thorough from beginning to the end of our services. Solution to our pest problem was successful. Well done and thank you!
Richard H.
16:25 21 Apr 20
John was fantastic - he arrived on time, called to give us 15 minutes warning, and found we had bats in our attic within 5 minutes. Unfortunately they do not do bats but he referred me to another company that does. And no charge for the quick visit.
Barb K.
12:36 13 Apr 20
This is the best run service company of any kind that I use! They know their business, and they are genuinely kind and helpful. Love them!!
Cynthia G.
21:39 10 Apr 20
From the phone call with Jen to the quick response by John, out to our house. We were very happy with the service and the humane treatment and relocation of the raccoon
Kim B.
16:07 08 Apr 20
Great organization, knowledgeable, patient, professional, gets the job done, very friendly, efficient. Definitely the best I've worked with!
Larry A.
19:53 20 Mar 20
Great job! Very professional and great communication.
David S.
13:29 06 Mar 20
Joe and his team deliver first class serivice. They are consumate professionals and do what they say they will do. They are heads above any other competitors compared to others in this service space.
Pete R.
16:45 17 Feb 20
I was very impressed with John's thoroughness. Punctuality is excellent. I was notified when John would be here and he arrived within minutes of the stated time. The contract interface is somewhat less than intuitive for an octogenarian. But staff were very responsive and helpful in explaining the process.Days to come will reveal the answers to the questions of quality and value. Stay tuned.I am very impressed with the quality of service and the attention to detail I have observed so far.
joshua M.
23:16 14 Feb 20
Friendly and efficient service . I would definitely use them again.
Arthur S.
19:18 27 Jan 20
Jeremy completed the winter treatment as scheduled. He was on time, professional and polite. Very pleased with the service from Community Pest Solutions.
Adam W.
12:22 16 Jan 20
Can't say enough great things about John and Community Pest Solutions. He was extremely professional and effective. Thanks John!
Jessica C.
20:56 31 Dec 19
Wow! These folks were amazing. I actually Facebook messaged them late at night after finding German cockroaches in my house. Tiffany responded early the next morning and reassured me everything would be okay, and had John come to my house that day. It is very reasonably priced and he did such a great job. They also have a 90 day warranty. I really am grateful I found this company and highly recommend them.
Jason G.
14:39 06 Dec 19
So very knowledgeable and friendly!
Jarrett B.
09:50 26 Nov 19
Call them. Take it from someone who recently discovered that bird mites exist, and that when the nest they've infested no longer contains any birds, those...
Jean K.
22:02 20 Nov 19
The first phone call and person with whom I spoke was so understanding. Jen was wonderful. She knew that I needed help and she made it happen. So extremely pleasant. Jen deserves a raise!!
Angela S.
15:06 16 Oct 19
Wonderful service and prompt! I’m very happy with the specialists and targeted treatment on my home. A feel good company to work with!
Laura Kempa B.
19:08 07 Oct 19
We’ve called Community Pest Solutions for a couple issues at our home, and they have always responded promptly and effectively. They’ve always been clear about explaining pricing and treatment options, and they have been respectful and conscientious as they’ve been in around our property. Highly recommend!
Vince Y.
17:30 19 Sep 19
Great service and a quick process. John was awesome and provided great service. Glad I called you guys!
Chelsea Kroll W.
17:39 18 Sep 19
Joe is literally the best of the best. Superior customer service and impeccable results. Highly recommend!
Pat M.
16:34 18 Sep 19
Very accommodating, through and very careful. I would recommend them for pest services.
Steven K.
15:07 18 Sep 19
Called them because my shut-in neighbor noticed large holes with piles of dirt against he front of his house. They came out the next day, set traps,...
Brandy B.
17:13 17 Sep 19
Community Pest Solutions has done a great job! I haven’t seen an ant in the house since our first treatment and I see ants all over the sidewalks in our neighborhood. John has also come out to spray for bees intermittently. Great customer service and a fair price.
Peter W.
18:10 11 Sep 19
The service tech showed up on time, did his think very efficiently and was gone in barely an hour.And the job is guaranteed for the rest of the year!!
Patrick D.
17:27 11 Sep 19
Met Joe today to take care of a yellow jacket nest under the siding of the house. Arrived right on schedule, was very professional and polite. Loved the value of the service at a reasonable price. Plus the guarantee that it will be taken care of or they’ll come back out. Top notch.
Michelle I.
14:14 10 Sep 19
Super professional and friendly and effective. Great local business you will feel good about doing business with. Support these guys!
Kris K.
22:57 09 Sep 19
Same day service! Great online interface allowed me the convenience of reviewing the contract, signing, and paying online. So far the work quality seems good.
Barbara R.
22:29 06 Sep 19
John came out and got rid of a hornet's nest for me. He was polite and professional. He made the job quick and easy. Great customer service and I will absolutely be recomending their service to others!
Carolin D.
17:49 04 Sep 19
Joe is efficient and knowledgeable and stands behind his work. He got rid of a red squirrel and mice in the crawl space 2 years ago and tackled my yellow jackets today. First class company.
Jamie D.
16:58 01 Sep 19
Trying to catch squirrels and got a skunk instead. Over the weekend, they took care of the problem. Very impressive professional customer service!
Erin F.
21:18 29 Aug 19
Service and communication was spectacular
Todd M.
22:08 28 Aug 19
I had a huge nest of yellow jackets in the ground at a property I manage in Ann Arbor. Community Pest Solutions was able to come out within two hours to spray the nest. John was friendly & knowledgeable. They even guaranteed for 90 days that the yellow jackets wouldn’t return. I would highly recommend them for pest services.
Julie P.
20:37 27 Aug 19
Thank you for your 5 star service & reasonable fee. I will definitely recommend you to others in need
Dana R.
14:15 19 Aug 19
Really excellent service from Jonn, with Community Pest Solutions. Texted ahead to let me know when he was coming. Arrived on time. Polite and knowledgeable. Promptly identified the problem and solution. Explained the procedure and quickly implemented it. I will definitely use this team again. They’re excellent!
Daye G.
12:48 17 Aug 19
Jeremy quickly, and confidently removed a very large wasp nest from a very dangerous spot. I am grateful.
Kathleen J.
18:35 16 Aug 19
So relieved to have wasp nest removed. Thank you!
Gary M.
20:13 15 Aug 19
Fantastic service every time! These guys are great, got rid of a bat, mice, birds, hornets, stink bugs, flies, you name it they got it out of my house and back to nature! Could not be happier with a pest control service. Most of all I appreciate that they don’t just remove things the fix the holes they come in thru! Highly highly recommend!
Laurie B.
21:04 09 Aug 19
John was prompt, knowledgeable, explained the extent of my ant issue and the process to treat it. I thought I had carpenter ants; turned out it was acrobat ants. I was concerned about the safety of the bait and spray used, as I have pets and enjoy the local birds and wildlife. John took the time to explain everything and made me more comfortable. Hoping my ant invasion is over, but if not, they guarantee they will return for the remainder of the year to retreat if necessary.Highly recommend Community Pest Solutions.
Jacob H.
15:10 09 Aug 19
Great service and knowledge on pest issues resolution . We have worked with Jeremy for the past couple years and he is always available to answer questions and provide interventions for whatever type of critter/bug issues that pop up. The company is well run, they show up when they say they will, and have well maintained vehicles. Only good things to say about Community Pest. 5/5
Darryl S.
23:20 08 Aug 19
This company is excellent very prompt Jeremy removed a hornets nest this morning, problem solved!
Teresa C.
00:01 08 Aug 19
Joe and John were great! These guys know their stuff and are very fair and helpful. I am so glad I found them!
Mary-Shea R.
12:36 03 Aug 19
So far, so good. Jeremy applied our first treatment and it went smoothly, he was on time and efficient. We'll have to see how effective the preventive measures are over the next months, but I feel relieved already just knowing I can call Community if anything comes up!
Julie P.
03:09 02 Aug 19
I had a nasty hornets nest removed from my home. The person who took my call was very friendly and the appointment was scheduled the very next day. We used this service at my workplace so I know that Joe is very knowledgeable and very thorough. Thank you Joe.
Daniel S.
15:05 01 Aug 19
Excellent service - we live in the woods and had wasp nests built on the inside and outside of our home. CPS solved those issues and others through their annual service plan. Big fan.
Linda L.
20:49 31 Jul 19
Had hornets nest in my lilac. When I called, it just so happened they had someone in the area. He came by within a 1/2 hr after my call and took care of it quickly. He checked around for other nests too. Friendly and professional.
Sarah M.
18:08 30 Jul 19
Excellent customer service! Joe was able to come out and take care of our under the deck bee problem the same day. Highly recommend
Michelle V.
11:55 19 Jul 19
If You don’t want bugs, spiders, mice, ants, hornets, etc, this is the company to call. We tried various companies before and always the bugs remained. My husband saw one of their trucks around town and we decided to call them being a small business ourselves. I’m so glad we did as our home is now pest free. Customer service is awesome and the staff are always friendly and professional. Thank you!!
Cynthia O.
00:46 13 Jul 19
John captured two huge groundhogs in two days. There is one day to go, and three traps are baited and set. I'm hoping he can catch a juvenile or two before we finish, but removing these two has given me hope that my flowers will live through the season and come back in the spring!
Justin D.
02:48 11 Jul 19
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Just bought a house near the woods, and quickly learned that it was also a popular spot for wasps of multiple breeds. Called up Community Pest Solutions to spray apparent liquid magic on the exterior of my house, and not only have the nests gone silent, but now the wasps straight up avoid the house altogether, where before they were casing the joint for new nesting spots everywhere. WELL WORTH THE MONEY. I'll be having the house sprayed preventatively every spring going forward.
Justin D.
22:21 10 Jul 19
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Just bought a house near the woods, and quickly learned that it was also a popular spot for wasps of multiple breeds. Called up Community Pest Solutions to spray apparent liquid magic on the exterior of my house, and not only have the nests gone silent, but now the wasps straight up avoid the house altogether, where before they were casing the joint for new nesting spots everywhere. WELL WORTH THE MONEY. I'll be having the house sprayed preventatively every spring going forward.
Mary Beth P.
13:17 10 Jul 19
The service is exceptional and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend this pest control company
Sarah B.
17:10 02 Jul 19
Jeremy was great! Took the time to explain everything and was very detailed.
Lori B.
19:29 01 Jul 19
John is great and very professional. I will definitely call him again if needed.
TimandJeanne N
00:28 25 Jun 19
Joe is very professional and personal, and solved my annoying mouse problem. In addition, he found a couple unrelated problems that he resolved free of charge. Not only that, he helped me pull my tractor out of the mud. All around great guy! Highly recommend
Raymond K.
23:09 31 May 19
Community Pest Solutions is excellent. Joe and crew have helped us 3 separate times to complete satisfaction. Joe has proved to be honest, fair and diligent. CPS makes it easy to choose a local business owner vs the corporate options available. Thank you!
Gary B.
20:46 28 May 19
Great, friendly, conscientious service
John Bileebob W.
12:19 24 May 19
Jeremy was professional, fast, and efficient. I really appreciated the follow up days after. barn sure is quiet after the squirrels were evicted.
Amy J.
15:30 21 May 19
Joe really knows his stuff! Great service and it's always a job done right.
Natalie S.
16:38 06 May 19
Prompt, professional and effective! Wonderful company!
Kim F.
05:15 05 May 19
Joe (and the whole team) have been nothing but extraordinary. This is the 3 or 4th year we have had them come out for wasp control and we don’t know what we would do without them! Even though we moved this year and had other companies closer to us who could of done the job...we still contacted Community pest solutions. The outstanding job and trust that they instill is what makes them irreplaceable!
My Review A.
20:01 29 Apr 19
Outstanding raccoon family removal! They quickly located the mother and decided to get her and her babies out right away with the grabber instead of doing up to three days of traps. The three gentlemen who worked the situation showed great teamwork and skill. They got the mom out of a tight space in the sophet of my garage and quickly got all six babies out with no harm to any of the animals. The three team members were incredibly polite and good natured. I will not hesitate to contact them again for any subsequent pest problems.
Madeline R.
08:01 28 Apr 19
They were on time and did a good job.
Maureen N.
01:13 04 Apr 19
Extremely satisfied with my experience with Community Pest Solutions. The owner Joe was very prompt in responding to my initial inquiry, and Jeremy, the technician who came to the house, was timely, professional, courteous, kind, and informative. I had a pregnant raccoon trying to nest in the walls of my home, and Jeremy was able to set live traps in the attic to humanely draw her out of the wall and get her out before she gave birth. He even sent me a follow up report that she had safely delivered her babies and taken them with her when she was released. He also sealed up the entry areas to my attic to prevent future critters. I don’t know how their pricing compares with other companies, but I do not feel the cost was excessive given the service I received. They made a stressful situation quickly manageable and the quality of the work was outstanding. Highly recommend!
Jim P.
00:55 30 Mar 19
Many reasons why I would recommend Joe and Community Pest Solutions. Some of the top ones: 1) They have seen a thing or 2 when it comes to unwanted guests in your house, so they know how to get them out quickly and efficiently. 2) Transparent about what it will cost and what you get for what you are paying. 3) I got daily updates, which was reassuring to know that things were getting done. 4) Always got permission to proceed if it wasn't already agreed upon upfront. 5) Never felt pressured to do something. It was always left up to me as to what I wanted to do. 6) Extremely responsive. 7) After the initial evaluation, offered the opportunity to start immediately with solutions to eradicate the problem. This list could have several more, but overall, Jenn, who answers the phone is always pleasant to talk to, and Joe is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to do what is needed to help get the job done while always being upfront about what will be involved and what it will cost. Top-notch small business. There is a reason they have consistently gotten 5 star ratings on Google. Hands down the best and wouldn't go anywhere else for a similar problem in the future. The kicker and totally unexpected - Joe checked in with me the day after to see how well we slept, because he knew that our raccoon in the attic problem he got rid of had kept us from getting good sleep 4 nights in a row.
Lisa M
19:35 26 Mar 19
Definitely recommend this company !Called due to mouse problem,came out the next day. Very helpful, curious and always available if I had questions. Problem solved !
Mark M.
17:17 21 Mar 19
we use community pest solutions at our senior living community. we can't say enough on the great work they do. always professional and detailed. they know their business for sure
Margaret S.
19:03 08 Mar 19
Always happy with Joe’s service. His price is reasonable and he is very responsive. I have often recommended his services and would do so without hesitation.
Dan M.
15:26 07 Mar 19
I called Joe and his team to come take a look at some problems I was having in a house I just purchased and they not only came out quickly, but they were professional and polite. Thank you community pest solutions for your dedication to a job well done. If I have problems in the future, I know who I’m calling!
Justin S.
15:36 27 Feb 19
Excellent care and knowledge across the board!
Andrew K.
15:52 13 Dec 18
Great company with great professional service. They’ve done work for me and many professional referrals.
Patrick W.
12:32 27 Nov 18
Community Pest was able to schedule us quickly, and provided a free inspection. (Luckily all that was needed!)They were fast, professional, and gave great...
Doug F.
15:41 12 Nov 18
CPS Service Tech Jeremy convinced me to purchase a 30 day contract for trapping mice in our house and for a complete inspection and sealing of our single story home in NW Ann Arbor. Jeremy was amazing and provided excellent wildlife education during all his 5 visits to our home. His traps (with peanut butter bait) caught 10 mice in our house within the first 2 weeks. Yuck. His replacement & additional traps did not lure any more mice in the following 2 weeks. His expert inspection and exterior sealing methods appeared to close off the various entry portals into our foundation around the rear of our home. He also installed interior screens to secure the two air vents in our attic. We highly recommend CPS with Jeremy to all our neighbors & friends.
Lawrence W.
19:47 21 Oct 18
Having pets in the house, particularly most, is metal pleasant situation. We feel great, however, after having contracted with community pest control. Both Trevor and Joe have visitor are home and we really appreciate how well they do their job. I strongly recommend you consider using their services.
Blaise B.
20:10 01 Oct 18
Called them to come out because my boyfriend's apartment building had gotten bedbugs and I was afraid they migrated over to my house.Good news- they...
Marie K.
18:24 08 Sep 18
After my dog was stung by yellow jackets twice within a week; after countless cans of DIY sprays that just didn't touch the problem; I called Community Pest Solutions because it was local and because of it's Yelp ratings. I'm glad I did. After leaving a message with the office, I received a return call within 30 minutes. Joe and his partner were able to come out within 24 hours to take care of several active nests around my house. They arrived as scheduled and were gone within 20 minutes. The yellow jackets were gone within an hour. All that accomplished for significantly less than another well known pest control company quoted me with a much better guarantee. Joe is exactly as described, courteous, professional, and efficient. He even inquired about my dog's well being from the stings. Every 5 star rating is well deserved!!!
Resha K.
16:58 29 Aug 18
Highly recommend!
Jennifer B.
11:22 13 Aug 18
Highly recommend! As a first time homeowner, I wanted someone to come and treat our deck for wasps. After the first treatment, the wasps were gone. Since then we've used them for many other issues and ended up going with the yearly maintenance plan. Extremely professional team and they will get the job done the first time around.
Nicole S.
01:56 13 Aug 18
Community Pest Solutions have tackled so many issues for us. Squirrels, bees, hornets, and countless consultations for smaller issues. They always have a solution with fantastic results. They are friendly, fast, and efficient. I can’t recommend them enough.
Kim K.
17:28 11 Aug 18
Had a problem with yellow jackets. I say had because within a few hours of them coming out the nest is dead. Super friendly, super fast. Highly recommend. Thanks again!!
David G.
17:24 10 Aug 18
Already, Estimate Visit experience (and price) is so much better than with competitor(s)... No doubt who I will hire. Will be back with the results for you later.
Louey G.
18:02 07 Aug 18
Love these guys! Came out to check something out when other "24 hour" pest services were non-responsive. Professional, quick and excellent service.
Peggy W.
14:03 20 Jul 18
This company does a great job with all sorts of pests. My particular problem today was spiders, a skunk and some pesky pine squirrels. Their service was fast, professional and very friendly. I highly recommend Community Pest Solutions and Joe Gavorek.
Ruth C.
15:11 29 Jun 18
Very prompt and professional service - highly recommended.
Alisha C.
17:20 29 May 18
Joe is very professional and resopnsive. I opted for his yearly plan and it fit my needs perfectly. He takes care of any concern I have and in a timely fashion. I can be picky about service people but I can not recommend him and his services enough. His treatments work and I can trust him around my house and property.
John H.
20:52 28 May 18
I had a bat in an apartment and I was out of town. Called four different bat control firms. Joe was the first to respond and took care of the problem promptly.The service was professional, knowledgeable and to the point. I would highly recommend Community Pest Solutions
Art S.
02:06 19 May 18
We returned from vacation to find squirrels had taken up residence in our attic. I called several companies listed in the yellow pages and on google. All of them were at least a week. When Joe Gavorek the owner and operator from Community Pest Soultions returned my call he fit me into his schedule in only two days. His pricing was fair and he pointed out several areas I should be concerned about and went right to work looking for entry points and he set traps to catch them and said he would be back in a day or two to remove any captured squirrels. He also sprayed for carpenter bees and the stuff he used really worked. Thanks for the great, quick service
Claire S.
23:38 17 May 18
We can go outside again! Our house was overrun with wasps (which I thought were bees). Community Pest Solutions saved our Summer. So knowledgeable, thorough and honest. Really grateful for companies like this!
Natalie A.
23:30 17 May 18
Friendly, thorough, knowledgeable. Highly recommended. We could barely enjoy our time outside before Community Pest Solutions. Our wasp problem is gone!
Richard G.
14:23 26 Apr 18
Joe is amazing. I would recommend him over any other pest control. Friendly and always on top of what needs to be done.You cannot go wrong using this company
Emily Forrest S.
11:07 24 Apr 18
Super friendly and very quick to respond. Have uses them for about a year on a handful of occasions. I don't have one complaint.
Barbaranne B.
23:56 14 Mar 18
I highly recommend this company. Excellent on all counts. Joe Gavorek responded to every call or request made almost immediately. The company was professional, thorough, pleasant and friendly, detailed, and honest. Whatever it was that was making all those noises in the attic and kept on making noises--they dealt with it until the problem was solved. And they did not just get remove the animals (which they did in a humane way), they found out why animals were getting in and solved it. Information was clearly photographed (i.e., where animals were getting in) and the plan was well-explained and documented.
Erin H.
13:25 18 Feb 18
Joe has been SO great to work with. He was quick to respond when we had an ant issue last fall. We started using the annual service and it's been great. Recommended him to a friend who also gave him glowing reviews. Thanks Joe!
Lindsey G.
16:49 01 Feb 18
very professional, knowledgeable company...and most importantly they took care of our pest issue very quickly
Shyroze R.
18:39 28 Jan 18
Very professional, great communication on expectation, friendly, honest. Highly recommend their services.
robert S.
15:49 10 Jan 18
This company is quick and responsive and did a great job in our home
Joseph D.
14:09 16 Dec 17
Very thorough and honest assessment. He looks through your home with a fine tooth comb as he would if it we're his own home. Highly recommend.
Abigail D.
17:14 03 Nov 17
Excellent customer service. Joe is very knowlegable and easy to work with.
Judy D.
15:35 17 Sep 17
When I found the problem nest, I contacted several companies online. CPS was one of only two who returned my call and the only one who could come soon to inspect the situation. Joe came out yesterday and sprayed the European yellow jacket nest that was attached to the house. He did a check all around the house for other problem areas and sprayed where needed. Joe is very knowledgeable and explained things to me. I was very satisfied with Community Pest Solutions and would certainly call them again.
Christopher C.
15:44 11 Sep 17
This was my first experience with any pest control service, but I can't imagine it gets any better than this. They were very prompt with all communication (email, phone, and even text messaging), gave us a fair price that we knew before he even came out to our house, and (most importantly) effectively killed off the yellow jacket nest that was causing problems. I'm glad we chose Community Pest Solutions.
Emily S.
19:07 31 Aug 17
Super nice and professional. Took care of a wasp nest in our roof above our porch. They were swift and clean.
20:53 20 Jul 17
Can not say enough about a company that responds fast, makes you a priority, and takes the time to give you options in an effort to not rip you off. So many companies take advantage of new home owners or inexperienced home owners. It's rare to find a company like Community Pet Solutions who goes out of the way to make you feel comfortable, while still providing a top tier service.
Andrew B.
20:30 20 Jul 17
Unbelievable service. I am a new home owner and they were out to help me right away, helped me find the issue, and explained the process. Pricing is extremely fair and owner is hands on and trustworthy, which is a must when allowing someone into your first home.
Sarah Smile R.
03:35 15 Jul 17
We have had a problem with ground wasps, and have been trying to get Terminix out for two days now.I called Community Pest Solutions at noon today, and he was here by five pm. He spent less than 45 minutes at my house, including going over the paperwork, AND actually spraying the wasps.He was extremely friendly, and understanding of my time constraints.I will definitely use this company for any future pest problems we might have, and I absolutely recommend them.
Ralph M
14:52 26 Jun 17
We were very pleased with the overall experience with Community Pest Solutions. From the initial contact, how fast Joe was able to come to our house, his first visit and the explanations of what was happening, to the contract, pricing and the services performed. We fully recommend his company.
Aarika Brownrigg S.
01:23 21 Jun 17
Can't say enough good things about this company! Joe is wonderful, so knowledgeable, on time, polite, great to work with. He solved our carpenter bee problem with one treatment. Came back the following week to fix mice openings he found at no extra charge.
Wanda J. H.
19:24 08 Jun 17
Very quick and efficient. Also very nice and willing to work around my schedule.
Margaret S.
13:15 05 Jun 17
Joe is very knowledgeable and pollinator friendly. We are beekeepers and wanted to get rid of the carpenter bees in the house but not hurt our honey bees or any native pollinators. He also helped us with chipmunks in the attic (really!) and a groundhog. Joe did a great job and we can highly recommend him.
Margaret and Gene S.
13:07 05 Jun 17
Joe is very knowledgeable and pollinator friendly. We are beekeepers and wanted to get rid of the carpenter bees in the house but not hurt our honey bees or any native pollinators. He also helped us with chipmunks in the attic (really!) and a groundhog. Joe did a great job and we can highly recommend him.
Andy B.
16:36 10 May 17
Joe came to my lakefront island rental cottage to investigate and spray for ants. He first investigated when and where to spray and systematically sprayed the area under the cottage. He informed me of the 100% guarantee that ants would not be a problem this year and promptly send me a paid in full invoice. Joe did everything that he said he would do and answered my questions about other potential pests and offered solutions to those as well. I have already referred him to my clients and he has received nothing but positive feedback. Thanks, Andy Bobo owner Ashkay Island LLC.
Anthony P.
17:40 18 Apr 17
Joe came out to do an inspection. He was very thorough and gave me an honest assessment - that I shouldn't have him do anything. I appreciated the honesty and would highly recommend his company to anyone!
Suzanne J.
15:59 18 Apr 17
I contacted five different pest/critter control companies in the last month trying to get someone to come out and take care of a squirrel problem I had in my house. Between receiving no return calls or that they didn't deal with squirrels I was running out of options. I called Joe and he returned my call that day and scheduled to come out the following week. He is very professional and knowledgeable about the service he provides. He was very thorough and checked in places I didn't think to look. He set up traps and blocked all the areas where the squirrels were getting in. One of the best things was the 60 day guarantee for the services provided. Just adds that peace of mind. I would highly recommend their services. Wish I would have called them first.
Jay G.
21:02 14 Apr 17
Great working with Joe. Very knowledgable, and a pleasure to deal with!!
Susan F.
13:41 11 Apr 17
I had a raccoon in my laundry room that came up through my crawlspace. I contacted four pest control businesses, either through email or phone messages and Joe from Community pest solutions was the only one to contact me back. He came out the next day as promised and did a thorough inspection along with placing traps. He was clear in what needed to be done and what to expect. The racoon was caught that night. I highly recommend this company, I will use them again
Crepps Home Inspection LLC Certified Master I.
01:50 29 Mar 17
Very friendly and knowledgeable! Thanks!
Michael G.
04:11 01 Mar 17
Dedicated, passionate, and family owned business' are hard to come by...And Everyone Reading this agrees!
Crystal H.
17:35 27 Feb 17
We had an amazing experience with Community Pest Solutions. They worked fast, were reasonably priced, and gave us instructions how to proceed with two dogs and a small child in our house. Not once did I feel uncomfortable with the treatment and we have had AMAZING results. Our issue was carpenter ants, and they have never once returned. Our family highly recommends Community Pest Solutions!
Heather Mitchell L.
02:41 27 Feb 17
I had called Orkin to come out for fleas and they told me there was nothing they could do. I also tried to get rid of the fleas myself with no luck. So I called Joe at Community Pest Control. He came out and took care of it in one treatment. He also took care of my box elder bug problem that Orkin was "treating". He was on time, professional and reasonably priced. I would recommend Community Pest Control to anybody that has a pest problem.
Justin D.
00:33 26 Feb 17
I had a hell of a time getting rid of a nasty yellow jacket nest in the ground in my yard. Tried a few risky DIY solutions, and was lucky enough to not get swarmed in my failure.Called up Joe from Community Pest Solutions and by the next day, the yard was mine again, and I didn't have to sell my firstborn to get it done. Definitely recommend using them.
diana M.
19:19 14 Feb 17
Outstanding Person...It shows in his work.We had a wasps problem inside our home.One visit from Joe and the problem was taken care of. Cant say enough good things...We will continue to call Joe -Community Pest Solutions for all our Pest Solutions.