Wildlife Control

Wild animals love a warm, dry place to live…like your attic!

Unfortunately, these furry woodland creatures are extremely destructive. Raccoons damage roofs and deposit large amounts of urine and feces in attics. Squirrels, flying squirrels and chipmunks can chew wires causing a fire hazard and other costly repairs. Community Pest Solutions will catch and remove the unwanted wildlife in your home and work with you to keep the animals out in the future.

Signs you make have a wildlife problem:

  •  Loud noises in your attic, walls or crawlspace
  • Running, scratching or chewing in attic or walls
  • Strong odor of urine of feces
  • Fighting, growling, chirping or screeching in your attic

See the list of common wildlife problems in the Ann Arbor area:

Squirrels may be furry woodland creatures but they are also destructive rodents. We have several types of squirrel in the Ann Arbor area. The small, jittery, red/orange Pine squirrel is an extremely common pest in home attics. Larger Fox squirrels, Grey squirrels and Black Squirrels occasionally chew their way through wood soffits and aluminum vents to gain attic access. The nocturnal and extremely common Flying squirrel can live in colonies of over 30 individuals and occupy entire homes. Whatever your squirrel problem, we will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.
Chipmunks are small, striped, burrowing rodents. They aren’t as adept at finding their way into homes as squirrels but when they do they are just as destructive. Whether they have found their way into your home or they are destroying your landscaping we will work with you to find a solution for your Chipmunk problem.
Raccoons are large, intelligent, highly adaptable animals with extremely dexterous front paws. These characteristics make Raccoons a significant pest species throughout Michigan. Raccoons are extremely common in both rural and urban areas, often finding their way into attics and garages. We will work with you to find the right solution to your Raccoon problem!
Opossums are a medium sized animal with white/grey fur and a long hairless tail (resembling a large rat). These animals often invade attics, crawl spaces and live under decks. They are a common source of fleas in the homes they occupy. We will work with you to find the right solution to your Opossum problem.
Skunks are black and white, striped, medium sized animals that have the unique ability to defend themselves by spraying a foul smelling fluid from their scent glands. Sometimes mistaken for cats these sneaky pests will burrow in yards and under decks where they are in close proximity to children and pets. We can trap your skunks and help keep your pets smelling great.

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